I work as a photographer of moving images. I shoot movies for a living. Call me Sanne. Call my job Kamerafrau – if you are German that is.

(And even though I’m a Kameramann as well in many ways)

Call us  DoP, cinematographer, DP or director of photography. We are responsible for the images on the screen. In the cinema, at home or on the run. When ever you watch a movie, we worked with directors and producers, gaffers, grips…

(…and camera assistants, clapper loaders, focus pullers, electricians, wardrobe and costume designers, make-up artists, art directors, builders, drivers, runners and caterers….) To put these actors in the right light. To tell that story. To make those dreams come true.

We make light flow.

You can watch some of it in my camera showreel. You can buy stuff I curate here. Or read more about me on my homepage. – Or meet me on my blog.

Right here are the stills that fall of here and there on the sides as I rush through this life.

11 comments on “About”

  1. I have included your blog in my list of Versatile Bloggers that is posted on my photo-blog.

  2. dear Sanne – thank you so much for the encouraging warmhearted visit – in turn it gives me the chance to explore your wonderful universe – i am ready for more

  3. Hi Sanne, got here via your other blog. Great blogs–I’m always inspired when I see such versatile bloggers who are so effective and sincere. It’s something that I find challenging, but strive to do. Thanks for the feedback on my photo, hadn’t seen Jill and Polly in the Bathroom before, but loved it! And am flattered:) Will be checking back!

    • Hey Isabel, thank you for your lovely comment! – How nice of you to visit several of my pages. I’m sure we’ll hear from each other more often 🙂

  4. Sanne,
    By following you, does it mean that I am one degree of separation from Sven Nykvist?
    Le Clown

    • Hey, Le Clown,
      what an honour to have you stop by.
      People who followed me six years ago were one degree of separation to Sven. He’s dead now.
      Lucky we still got his movies spinning in our heads.

      • Sanne,
        I did not not know that… Sven Nykvist introduced me to a whole new way of watching movies… With him, I have learned to not only watch a Bergman or Woody Allen movie or Terrence Malick, but also a Nyvist, and Gordon Willis and Nestor Almendros.

        Not that is a serious Le Clown comment, isn’t it. Looking forward to reading and discovering your art, Sanne.
        Le Clown
        PS: Seems by my list that I have stopped watching movies in 1979…

      • Sanne,
        May I abuse a tad more of your knowledge? And this is just an observation as a film enthusiast, and not someone who studied the Art… Is it just me or is it harder to define the signature of younger DPs? I mean, I used to be able to say: this is definitely Robert Richardson, or this is Carlo Di Palma… But with the younger directors I like, I am more inclined to say: this is Wes Anderson, or this is Darren Aronofsky, and not certain if it’s because of the cinematographer or the director…
        Le Clown

  5. Hey Le Clown,
    your ’till 1979′ list:
    I believe you watched a lot of work created by followers and epigones of these people inside your list. Followers who adored like you and me the work of Nykvist, Bergman, Tarkovsky, Woody Allen, Terrence Malick, Gordon Willis, Nestor Almendros and the visual worlds they have been living in.
    Last not least we all base our loves and hates, our desires and dreams, the reason why we do things, on what we daily see and what we grew up with and grow with – thus: often things from the past rather than things out kids are watching/discovering/experiencing now.
    your younger-DP-riddle:
    I personally find often younger colleagues trying to set a strong mark and not listening to what a story asks from you, sometimes screams for. They seem to have the desperate urge to yes define for themselves a signature.
    And yet you are right. Seen from now, it’s hard to spot one. Perhaps that is, though, coz we see the masters of cinematography often from the far, talking about them years after they created what we are commenting on?
    Like Robert Richardson. I had to write once a really big semester-thesis about him ans his work. Watching others than his famous films, I found out that he indeed shot a lot of things that look differently and feel differently than his works I loved. We simply only knew the spikes and sparks of his oeuvre.
    Than, last not least, it’s about the person: some DPs and directors create work easy to spot. Such as Wes Anderson, Uli Seidel or Ozu. Same for DPs.
    Others shape things that sit a world apart and you would never guess it’s a piece by the same person.
    Lovely chatting with you. My work is a lonely one, where I got a large team around me but not often get the pleasure to talk in the daily stress&routine with colleagues and friends about why and how we do things.
    Thanks for leaving your thoughts,

    • Sanne,
      Thank you so much for this insightful reply, you answered my question and went above and beyond. I appreciate your argument about evaluating a master’s work with distance, which makes us ponder the work with an almost detached perspective, but at the same time, to connect with it with our set of memories.

      Could you redirect me to some of your work? I would be thankful.
      Le Clown

      • Playing on the German word Kameramann for DP – Kamerafrau for a female – I run http://kamerafrau.wordpress.com. It’s full of trailers of what I do.
        On http://sannekurz.wordpress.com people who like to book me for a longer time can check out what I like to show of my character – a feature film often squeezes you together for several months in a Sartre-eque manner if you like it or don’t…so you better check up before you get stuck…
        Last not least http://sannekurz.com is the “pro” page of mine. A friend of mine called it “wanking on to peoples backs at red-carpet events” – excuse the language. It’s something you seemingly gotta do in the media industry so this page features festivals, current shoots, cinema releases etc. of films I shoot and shot. For those who like goo and others 🙂

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