My Man Takes off in to the World


7 comments on “My Man Takes off in to the World”

  1. Thank you, Tati!
    I had this little globe for so long….it’s from Australia and belonged to a Melbourne friend of mine. So the globe itself travelled perhaps much more than most of us.
    I like how the plants make it look like jungle…

  2. This is a very cool shot!!!

  3. Thank you, dpixel365!

  4. great photo – funny and thought provoking at once !

  5. I never thought about the provoking bit – but now that you wrote this, I realize how I must have felt at the time I took this image and suddenly I can see within this picture which wilderness I imagined there to be…
    …and perhaps how ambivalent I felt about all that…

  6. […] though I love tiny globes myself, the image above is by Latte Love) 48.118334 11.641143 Like this:LikeBe the first to like […]

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