We Have Forest Fires in November – and this is Bavaria I’m Talking About.

By: sannekurz

Nov 22 2011

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Category: cities, landscape, photography


Focal Length:190mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D Mark II


3 comments on “We Have Forest Fires in November – and this is Bavaria I’m Talking About.”

  1. Our climate is going through changes, no matter what some would prefer to believe. The winters in our area of Ontario (Canada) are becoming more like the southern part of Ontario – longer mild wet periods with less accumulation of snow.

  2. We have the same here – far beyond the “everything was better in the past”: Willow’s catkins are out now coz they think it’s spring, some birds stopped migrating, coz our winters suddnly are warm enough for them. Things in general got more extreme: most snow, most rain, warmest November, coldest August…
    But than: I am not sure what’s “normal”, since we humans exist (in weather terms) for such a short period of time…once upon a time we had rhinos walking here, north of the Alps and only recently large layers of ice covered this piece of land I am sitting on now…But that’s all a long time ago…

  3. […] here? Wanna see the images the old lady took? Go here. Wanna look at other cities? Check Berlin here, my hometown here and Indian cities here. 48.118334 […]

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