A Blond Child Hiding In A Yellow Hoodie.

By: sannekurz

Jun 14 2011

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Category: people, photography


Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D80


4 comments on “A Blond Child Hiding In A Yellow Hoodie.”

  1. Stay excellent!

  2. The posure of the kid is allright, the surrounding is overcluttered. You could pay some more attention to let away distracting details.
    Of course I sympathize with your stride against PhotoShop, but always keep the viewer in mind. Cutting away the superfluous isn’t exactly photoshopping, is it?
    Go on with your good work!
    Greetings, C.

  3. Heya C. – Thanks for your comment. I really like the messy-ness around the child…you’ll find it in many images of mine. The details make the eye wander around, the viewer takes a stroll through the image and come back here and than to the bright yellow spark in the middle. check out the Archive and you might find out what I mean. Some of the things have been carefully put there by the way (plates on the bottom of the frame, guitar, postcards, stack of wood in the background…) I always try to find the right mix of adding detail and still giving each shot a snapshot – out-of-life feel. Like in 50ies to 80ies US street photography, which I admire a lot. Painters did this cluttering often to add symbol and story to their works. I like it a lot. But I love to hear other opinions and see the exchange flow…so: thanks for adding your voice!

  4. haha! I love this pic! And the light flow on yellow! and guitar and postcards on the walls

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